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Enhancing Global Environment

Mc Clelland Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading Hazardous Waste Incinerator Manufacturer.

Incineration is a heat treatment process which mainly involves waste treatment of the gaseous, liquid and solid effluent in order to minimize their environmental effects. The process involves combustion of organic substances contained in waste materials in refractory lined furnaces which converts the waste into ash, flue gas and heat. Flue gases are treated for eradication of pollutants before releasing to atmosphere. The waste heat is utilized to generate revenue for the client

We provide Incinerator systems designed to fulfil your waste management requirements of controlling

We have been in the incineration industry since 1985 and supplied over 350+ plants all over the world. With exports to USA, UAE, Africa etc. and esteemed Indian clientele such as TATA, Reliance Industries, Sun Pharma etc. Mc Clelland has maintained its dominant pole position in the market. The incineration system is suitable for solid, liquid, sludge & gaseous waste incineration & energy generation, evaporators, hazardous waste, precious metal recovery, soil decontamination, oxidation & reduction, process of gas glaring, hazardous & non-hazardous VOC destruction etc.

Mc Clelland Incinerators are specifically designed incorporating following key features

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We establish long-term partnerships with our clients

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Proven Track Record


Mc Clelland uses advanced softwares to deliver excellence

Mc Clelland Engineers uses the most advanced softwares such as  AUTOCAD 3D, PDMS, STAADPRO, CHEMCAD, TEKLA etc. apart from in-house developed softwares such as Refractory Thermal Simulation to deliver the state of the art incineration plants.


We excel in delivering tailor-made incineration systems that meet the unique requirements of different industries and clients, ensuring efficient waste treatment and resource recovery.

Global Reach

With a vast presence in multiple countries, we have the strength to cater to diverse markets and extend our innovative incineration solutions to a wide range of clients worldwide.


Our strength lies in our advanced technological expertise in thermal oxidation and emission control, allowing us to provide effective solutions for hazardous waste management.

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Key features of our projects

Project Aspects


Assessment and Customization

We assess the client's waste disposal needs and environmental requirements to customize a tailored incineration solution that meets their unique demands.

Design and Implementation

Our team of experts designs and implements the incineration system, optimizing combustion efficiency and waste heat recovery while ensuring compliance with environmental regulations

Fabrication and Procurement

Our seasoned team procures required instruments, mechanical devices and other materials and fabricates Equipment, ducts, structures etc. in accordance with the finalized design and manufacturing standard.

Quality control and Installation

Our quality control unit ensures strict compliance with specifications through rigorous inspection, test. We manage incinerator logistics, conducting installations at client sites according to predefined plans while following safety protocols.

Testing and Commissioning

Thorough testing and commissioning ensure the incinerator's flawless operation under various conditions, followed by staff training for safe and efficient usage.


Mc Clelland is accessible to all our past clients for any support required throughout the life of the plant.

Delivering Excellence
Every Time

“Delivering Excellence Every Time is not just a goal, but a commitment to surpass expectations with unwavering dedication. It’s about weaving precision, passion, and a relentless pursuit of quality into every action and interaction. From the meticulous attention to detail to the relentless drive for innovation, excellence is a promise we uphold in every endeavor, ensuring that each experience is marked by unparalleled service, proficiency, and satisfaction.”


Congressional Recognition by MEMBER OF CONGRESS, USA


SIR C.V. RAMAN AWARD by County of Los Angeles, California, USA

Joint Venture

Stiefel McClelland WTE Pvt Ltd (Swiss-India JV)


Funding from Facebook (now Meta) via Grants in 2020


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